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Islamic SMS (Part-1)


(01) Jummah sms for friends

When we live our lives looking for people’s acceptance we lose everything. When we live it looking for Allah’s acceptance we win everything.

Jummah Mubarak…

(02) Jummah mubarak sms

Our Lord!
You Truly Know All That
We Hide (in our heart)
As Well As All That
We Bring Into Open,
For Nothing Whatever,
Be It on Earth or in Heaven,
Remain Hidden From Allah!
Jumma Mubarak!

(03Use It In The Best Way of Allah.

Clock Makes a Sound Tic-Tic,
But listen Carefully It Is Not Only Tic Tic,,

Its a countdown towards our death & Real Sound Is Quick Quick,
By this tic tic,
it says; Time Is Very Precious and Use It In The Best Way of Allah.

(04) Islam Is Not About We Are Better

Islam Is Not About We Are Better Than You.

Islam Is All About ”Let Me Show
You Something That Is Better For

(05) Lot of Things Go Unquestioned

” Lot of Things Go Unquestioned..
A Lot of Questions Go Unanswered.
Few Words Go Unsaid..
Few Go Unheard.
Some Dreamz are Born dead..
Some are Burried alive.
Thats Life..
Some flowers grow best in the sun,others do well in the shade!
Allah always knows what is best for us. So he puts us where we grow the best.
Feel it.
But Always Hope for the best and Trust The Almighty ALLAH.
He is every where and never let any one alone…!!.

(06) Beauty of believe in Allah

Beauty of believe in Allah:

“Agr Wo nahi deta mujhe jab main mangta hun…
To phir !!

Yaqeenan Wo mujhe tab dega jab mujhe zarorat hogi…
/"/> tXt

(07) ALLAH the most merciful

Nobody sees my weaknesses, nobody sees my tears, except Allah !

When I’m sad and I want a shoulder to cry on, nobody seems to notice my hidden tears or to support me but Allah !

If I do wrong, people will seldom forgive and forget easily. Only Allah, if I just ask Him, forgives me.

Pleasing a human is most dificult. Pleasing Allah is the easiest.

People sometimes punish me for the mistakes I have not done. Allah ignores & excuses the ones that I did.

That’s ALLAH !

The Greatest, The Allmighty,

The Most Beneficent,

The Most Merciful..
/"/> tXt

(08) Ya ALLAH Im Sorry

.:: Ya ALLAH… I’m Sorry!!! ::..

Ya ALLAH…..!
It Hurts When I Have To Let Go The Things I Really Love..
It Hurts When I Have To Lose Something That I Really Want..
…It Hurts, ALLAH
It Hurts..

But Believe Me, Ya ALLAH..
I Will Feel Hurt Most When I Know Disobey You..
It Hurt Most, ALLAH..
Believe Me..
Believe Me

I Realize That I Can Never Live Without Your Mercy..
I Realize That I Can Never Smile Without The Concious That You Are Pleased With Me..
I Realize That I Can Never Lead My Life If You Are Unhappy With Me..

I Am Sorry..
I Am Really Really Sorry..
For I Have Neglected You For Long Time..
For I Have Loved Others More Than I Should Love You..
For I Have Prioritized Others More Than I Should.

(09) Farward To All Girls You Know

” Jannat Ki Aurto’n Aur Hooro’n Ki Khaas Khubi Ye Hy K Woh Nigaahe’n Neechy Rakhne Wali Hyn ”
( Sura-e-Rehman )

” Aur Apni Zeib o Zeenat Zahir Na Karei’n Sivaye Us k Jo Azkhud Zahir Hojaye ”
( Sura-e-Noor )

” Agar Tum ALLAH Se Darnay Wali Ho Tou Baat Mein Naram Andaaz Na Ikhtiyar Kro K Dil Ki Kharabi Mein Mubtala Koi Shakhs Laalach Mein Par Jaye ”

Farward To All Girls You Know And You Care For…!!

(10) How Blessed Im To Be A Muslim

How Blessed I’m To Be A Muslim !!

~ I Say A Simple Salam To Some, I’m Rewarded.

~ I Smile At Someone, I’m Rewarded.

~ I Pray In Masjid With Jamaat, I’m Rewarded 27 Times More Than Those Who Pray Alone.

~ I Begin Anything With Bismillah, That Action Of Mine Is Rewarded.

~ I Think Of Doing a Good Deed, I’m Rewarded.

~ I Control My Temper, I’m Rewarded.

~ I Hold The Glass With Right Hand While Drinking,

I’m Rewarded.

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