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FriendShip SMS Guid

Best FriendShip Text  SMS Collection. copy our redy sms and send your Dear friend.you will enjoy our friendly message. you are redy? enjoy now friendship sms.

Friendship SMS (81-100)

81 Friendship Day Emoti0nal Sentence By A Friend,, “The L0ngest Distance 0n Earth Isn’t Fr0m N0rth T0 S0uth, It’s When I Stand Infr0nt 0f Y0u & Y0u Ign0re Me..!! Happy Friendship Day ——-++++—————– 82 One very TrUe line About One very TrUe line About My Dear FrIeNdZ :- “EvErYoNe is …

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Friendship SMS (61-80)

61 You r A Part Of It For My Friends You All r My Strength, My Power, My Belief, My Imagination, My Commitment Above all, You All r The Back Bone Of My Life & I m Proud That You r A Part Of It … 🙂 ——————————- 62 Many …

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Friendship SMS (41-60)

41 Birth is first of life Birth is first of life, beauty is art of life, death is last of life, friend ship is heart of life *********************** 42 miracle called friendship Feeling f luv + Moment f caring + small sharing + 2b 2gthr in pain, Creates a miracle …

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21    Smile A Little Brighter * F.r.i.e.n.d.s * The People Who Make You ‘Laugh A Little Louder’ …’Smile A Little Brighter’ & ‘Make Your Life A Little Better…’ *.* =) **************** 22    People Who Meet You People Who Meet You In The Journey 0f Life Expect A Lot 0f Things …

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Friendship SMS (1-20)

01    Friendship is based on trust Friendship is based on trust. If we have a friend whom we don’t trust, they’re not a “friend” they’re just someone we like to be with… ************************ 02    my best friends knows me best Strangers think I’m quiet..My friends think I’m outgoing..My best friends …

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