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Good Morning SMS Collection

01 Look at the sun and you see time 


Look at the sun and you see time;

Look in the heart and you see love;

Look in the eyes and you see life;

Look at your mobile and see who’s remembering you!


02 Morning is good time to remember 


“Morning” is a gud time to

“Remember” all d sweet things & all swt.

persons in ur “Life so Wake Up

with ur “SWEET MEMORIES To See This

Beautiful Mrng


03 Have you ever watched sunlightHave you ever watched sunlight passing through raindrops? It’s just like my sweet messages passing through your cell phone, making it colourful like a RAINBOW.


Good Morning!


04 Normality is Essence of life 


“Normality is Essence of life” If we become too Emotional Its hard to lead life. & if we become too Practical its tough to respect relations good morning Have a gud day


05 Special sunday sms for friends 


Sunday Is A Special Day,

Unique In Its Own Way,

Having Lots Of Enjoyment And Fun.

May You Have A Delightful Sunday

So That You Are Energized

For The Coming Week.


06 good morning greetings for love 


As my heart beats every moment,

all it wants is to be heard by you.

When my feet start walking all

they want is to reach to you sooner.

When my eyes open in the morning all

they want is to see you.

I Love you sweet heart!!


07 If yesterday was lost 


If yesterday was lost in grief, don’t lose today and tomorrow by keeping it in your memory.

A Very Good Morning!

08 your whole day like sunshine. 


Once again this morning

God fill you day

with love & success

and may bright

your whole day like sunshine.

Good morning dear..!!

09 Go0d m0rning to those who likes me 


Go0d m0rning to those who likes me or n0t.

Gud m0rning to those who hates me or n0t.

Gud m0rning to those who loves me or n0t.

I dont care what people do, think or say.

I just know my why of life. Its a blessing of MY ALLAH and i m happy with that.

I m just like a candle.

Its up to u how will u use me?



10 Every moment has love in it 


Every moment has love in it;

Every hour has happiness in it.

If you loose it, it becomes memory;

And if you live it, it becomes life.

Good Morning!


11 An early bird catches the worm 


An early bird catches the worm;

But an early mouse catches the bait.

So Good Morning whenever you get up!


12 There will be plenty of time 


There will be plenty of time to sleep when your journey ends.

Life is for living – so wake up and enjoy each and every moment of life.

Good Morning!


13 Sun wouldn’t be red 


Sun wouldn’t be red,

Sea wouldn’t be blue,

I wouldn’t be happy,

Without disturbing you!.



14 GOD Never forgets our dreams 


GOD Never forgets our dreams.

He continuously watches our


For that



15 dont regret past and enjoy present 


People Who Judge Everyone Else,

Need to Put Down the Magnifying Glass

& Pick up a Mirror,


Regretting Over Yesterday & Fear Of Tomorrow R The Two Thieves Which Steal Our Present Live for Today..


Life Will Be Beautiful,


Good Morning


16 best wishes for morning 


Grass Is Shining With Morning Dew,


Making The Day So Fresh & New,


Hope The Joy Comes Your Way,


Best Wishes 4 The New Day…


Good Morning.


17 good morning sms for family 


Morning is a Good Time To Remember

All The Sweet Things & all Sweet Persons in ur Life

So Wake up With ur Sweet Memories,

Good Morning…


18 facebook status for good morning 


Today I pray for you

A heart free of sadness,

A mind free of worries,

A life full of gladness,

A body free of illness,

And a spirit full of God’s blessings!

Good Morning!


19 Love sms for dear onesNever Make a Bit of Gap Between The Dear Ones


Be’coz You Will Never Bear the Pain

When the Gap is Filled By Someone Else.


Good Morning…


20 Wake Up in the morning sms 


Every Morning

The Sun Says, Wake up like me,

The sky says, Aim high like me,

The Wind says, Freshen Everybody like me,

And I say good Morning!


21 Time is Slow when u r Wi8 


Time is Slow when u r Wi8

Time is Fast when u r getting Late,

Time is Long when u r Sad,

Time is Short when u r Happy


Time is Endless when u r in Pain

Time can only b determined

By ur feelings not by clocks


Gud Morning.


22 Control the length of you life 


You Can’t Control the length of you life…

But you can control the width & depth.

Good Morning!


23 Allah blesses you & your day 


A new morning has come & Allah blesses you & your day with love, prosperity.


Wishing you a shiny day ahead….


Gud Morning g


24 How to spend life 


Life is a Game that u Have to Play with a number of other Players

If you’ll not play with them, they’ll play with u


Gud Morning


25 ALLAH blessing in morning time 


Morning is a good time to remind all the people & happenings around.


ALLAH blesses with you a new day so, wake up with Sweet memories & have a fantastic day aheadJ


Gud Morning


26 fresh good morning sms for friends 


Welcome 2 the fresh MORNING….

With a SMILE on ur face…..

Love in ur HEART…..

Good thoughts in ur MIND….

U have a wonderful day….


27 good morning encouragement sms 


You can’t Wi8 for life to hand u things.


Any Thing worth having is worth fighting for.


Gud Morning Dear….


28 good morning sms in modern style 


Electronic Morning! Disconnect ur sleep. Switch on ur concentration signal,

amplify urself. In Short I wish u a “High Voltage Day…” Good Morning G


29 good morning sms for loved one 


I have a pair of eyes but can’t C U everyday….

Have a pair of ears, but can’t hear ur voice everyday….

But I do have a heart… that cares for you everyday.

Good Morning.


30 Every year you pass your birthday 


Every year you pass your birthday and know that you were born that day but every year you pass your death day and have no clue…


good morning


31 everything is easy 


Everything is easy

when you are crazy about it


Nothing is easy

when you are lazy about it.

G0od mrning..:)


32 Small Progress Everyday Leads To Higher Results 


A Working Ant is Better Than A Sleeping Elephant… A Small Progress Everyday Leads Us To Big Results.


Good morning


33 time up wakeup my friend 


A lot of friends i have,

But they remember me i dont know

But i remember my friends every day

So i like to wake u up everday,

It’s time up wakeup my friend,

Good Morning..


34 Lovely Good Morning Messages For Girlfriend 


Enjoy The Day With Your Loved Ones.

Make Every Minute Count Like It’s Your Last.

We Never Know What God Holds In Store For Us.


Good Morning


35 good morning sms for breakfast 


Aslam O Alikum

Life has many ways to make u weak But remember 3 things that will always keep u strong





& Dinner

Think hat kay & Eat dat k:)


36 Shining grass with morning dew 


Shining grass with morning dew

making the day so fresh and new

hope the joy comes your way…!






37 Welcome morning with a Smile 


Welcome morning with a Smile On Your Face,

Love in Your Heart,

Good thoughts in your Mind


You Will have A wonderfull day. Good morning::


38 The morning has come 


Hey wake up! The morning has come

The Sun Shines and the flowers blossom

Life has a lot of haha moments.

So you will be very dump

If you don?t go out and get yourself some!

Enjoy your day .. Have Sweet Morning


39  TRUST-on Allah



When u start ur day

Keep 3words in ur pocket


TRY-4 better future

TRUE-wid ur work

TRUST-on Allah

then u will success in ur lifE

?Gud Morng dost?


40 Have a great day ahead 


“You have no idea how good

it feels to wake up every

morning knowing you are

mine and i am yours”

Have a great day ahead

41 See how beautifully 


See how beautifully

God has added one

More day in your life


Not necessarily bcoz

You need it

But because

Someone else

Might need “u”


Good Morning (f)


42 A prayer can go anywhere 


A prayer can go where I cannot go.

Through Prayers i can be with you

without being There.

I may be miles away

but my prayers

Will always be with You…


Good morning


43 With a great light of sun 


Good morning !

With a great light of sun

With the songs of birds

With the great Azaan of Masjid

With the Quraan

With the happiness

With a great smile

And with the morning prayer

Have a nice day


44 True friends are like mornings 


True friends are like mornings,

u cant have them the whole day,


but u can be sure,


they will be there when u wake up tomorrow,

next year and forever.


Good Morning..!!


45 GOODDAY 4 UG-get up


O-open ur eyes

O-out of ur bed

D-day has risen

M-merry life

O-old dreams cum true


N-new frnds

I-ideas of life

N-nice future



46 Be the sky above you 


Be the sky above you,

blue Soft be the road below you,


Affection be the breeze around you,

I pray all the happiness surrounds you.


Good Morning.


47 Flowerful morning 


Flowerful morning

Colorful noon

Joyful evening


Peaceful night !!


Be happy

It going to be

A fantastic day 4 u


48 Leave Ur Bed 


Dear Friend’s!

Your Remaining

Sleeping Time

Has been Expired





Leave Ur Bed

Open Ur Eyes

And c Ur Mobile

I wish U





49 She came today 


She came today

Early morning

Start fighting

Her complain was

Who the hell

Permitted you

To come in my dreams.


Good Morning…!


50 Peace in ur heart 


Peace in ur heart, Warmth in ur soul, Contentment in ur life & Love in ur home…:)

May these priceless treasures b urs always…




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