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Good Night SMS

01 Your sweet time of today


Your sweet time of today is ending Now,

Forget bad Incidents,

Remembers beautiful Moments,

to refresh your mind

wish you a sweet sleep.

Good Night !


02 The Most Sweetest Relation In World



The Most Sweetest Relation In World Is pillow

Bcoz Wen U R Tired U Relax On It.

Wen U R Sad U Drop Tears On It.

Wen U R Angry U Punch It.


Wen U R Happy U Hug It

Now That Pillow Is Waiting 4 U

..So Go To Bed

Lovely Nite..;-:-*

Lovable Dreamzzz.


03 As The Day Turns Into Night



As The Day Turns Into Night,

Keep Your Worries Out Of Sight.

Close Your Eyes And Go To Sleep,

All The Good Times Are Yours To Keep.

Sweetest Dreams & Good Night



04 Tiny Stars Shining Bright



Tiny Stars Shining Bright,

Its Time 4 Me 2 Say Goodnight,


So Close Ur Eyes & Snuggle Up Tight,

I’m Wishing U Sweet Dreams Tonight!


05 Just Want To Wish U GOOD GOOD Night


On This Cold Cold Night,

In My Small Small Room,

I Look At The Bright Brigh Stars

In The Dark Dark Sky


Dream Of Your Sweet Sweet Smile

On Your Cute Cute Face.

Just Want To Wish U GOOD GOOD Night


06 Night Doesn’t Become Beautiful



Night Doesn’t Become Beautiful

With Star Studded Sky & Full Moon,

It Becomes Beautiful When You Go To Sleep


Let Stars & Moon Admire Your Innocence.

Good Nigh


07 They Never Say Good-Night



To Hearts Which Near Each Other Move

From Evening Close To Morning Light,

The Night Is Good; Becose, My Love,

They Never Say Good-Nigh


08 In This Lovely Night



In This Lovely Night,

I Pray To The Blue Moon

To Protect You Through The Nite,

The Wind To Blow Away Your Stress


The Twinkle Stars To Guide You The Way,

Sweet Dreams GoodNight


09 Goodnight My Dear sms



Goodnight My Dear

I’m Glad I Have U Near

For The Many Things U’ve Brought Me

There’s Nothing I Shall Fear

Goodnight My Dear

Let My Songs Wipe Ur Tears

We’ve Certainly Got Each Other

And We Always Shall Through The Years


10 Journey Into The Dream World



I Think Your Eyes Are Tired Looking At This World Reflecting Through Light,

Let Your Eye Lashes Hug Each Other For Few Hours.

Happy Journey Into The Dream World.

Good Nigh


11 On This Chill Chill Night



On This Chill Chill Night,

In Your Dark Dark Room,

From Your Small Small Window,

Look At The Bright Bright Stars

Wishing You A Chweet Chweet Dreams


12 As The Day Turn Into Night


As The Day Turn Into Night,

Keep Your Worries Out Of Sight.

Close Your Eyes And Go To Sleep,

All The Good Times Are Yours To Keep.

Sweetest Dreams


GooD NighT


13 Nobody Teaches Sun To Rise



Nobody Teaches Sun To Rise,Fish To Swim,Birds To Fly,Plant To Grow,Child To Cry,& Nobody Teaches A Heart To Choose A Friend Like U….Good Night…


14 Why I Have Sleepless Nights



You Are The Reason Why I Have Sleepless Nights,

You Are The Reason Why I Tend To Hold My Pillow Tight.

You Are The Reason I Cant Sleep Without Saying Good Night….


15 Sweet Dreams And Sleep Tight


Lying On My Bed, Looking At The Clock, I No That Its Time To Zzz.

I Wonder How Have You Been Today… Hope Tat Every Thing Is Fine..

Wish You Sweet Dreams And Sleep Tight!

16 No Matter The Sky Is Black Or Blue


No Matter The Sky Is Black Or Blue,

No Matter There”S Stars Or Moon,

As Long As Your Heart Is True,

Sweet Dreams Will Always Be With You.

Good Night.

17 Now I Bid U A Lovely Goodnight


Once The Moon Winks At U Tonight,

I Wish Sweet Dreams Embrace You Tight.

Hope Your Day Was Quite All Right

& Now I Bid U A Lovely Goodnight


18 If I Was There Tonight


If I Was There Tonight:

I Would Cover You In A Blanket Of Love,

And Hold You In My Arms All Night.

I Would Protect You Against The Monsters Under Your Bed

And Show You How Much I Care About You.

Kisses And Hugs, Sweet Dreams

Good Night


19 night is precious time


Night is a Precious Time Given By,


ALLAH To Us Where We,


Could See our Dreams,


Accomplished With closed Eyes..


Good Night Gu


20 sweet and lovely dream sms


Make sure you never, never argue at night. You just lose a good night’s sleep, and you can’t settle anything until morning anyway.


21 sweet dreams good night sms


As nite falls upon the land,

it is time 2 Zz again.

With the moon hangin in the starlit sky,

i”m here to wish U Good Night!

Sweet dreams, cover blanket tight”


22 2014 good night sms



The night sky is lovely and

the moon light is beautiful.

Just like the times when you

smile and brighten up my life.

I love you so much.

Wish u First Good Night 2014

Have a sweet Dream


23 Faith and Prayer both are invisible



Faith and Prayer both are invisible,

But they make impossible things Possible.!!!

Always Sleep doing Prayer and Start your Day with Faith in your Heart.


Good Night…


24 Nonstop working is injurious



Nonstop working is injurious to health,so now time has come to lay down on Bed & take a solid Sleep..

& Relax…so that ur Body will be healthier…to face the challenges






25 Romantic Good Night Quotes For Girlfriend



I Am Going To Bed Soon.

If You Need Me,

Feel Free To Call.

My Teddy bear Will Be Taking Messages Seeing As He Sleeps During The Day.


Thank You And Goodnight


26 good evening sms for girl friend



No Day Is The Same,

And Yet No Day Is Different.

It Is Just The Way You See It.

Have A Great Evening.

good evening sms for girl friend


27 I Wish You A Good Night.


All You Need To Succeed With Excellence.

All You Need For A Great Day.

All You Need For A Better Tomorrow,

Is A Good Sleep At Night.

A Fresh Mind, Can Conquer The World.

I Wish You A Good Night.

Sleep Well.


28 After the sun stops shining



After the sun stops shining, And the days that people led, It`s time to stop working, And calmly go to bed. Good night!


29 Before I sleep


Before I sleep,

I count my blessings instead of problems.

I make sure

I sleep happy and grateful.

Good night.


30 The stars are out



The stars are out,

The moon is up,


1 more Hug,

1 more smile,


Kiss you once,

Kiss you twice


Now it’s time 4 bed.

Close ur eyes


sleep tight

Good night


31 Dont ever give up when u r down



Don’t ever give up when u r down,

it doesn’t matter if u fall many times,


just remember that each time u fall,

i’ll never let u reach the ground,

trust me, i will always be around.


Good Night


32 Take one spoon of sugar



Take one spoon of sugar & put it in your eyes


Q . . .


Are baba For “SWEET DREAMS” . . .


If you want spicy dreams, try Mirchi…:p








S-say Thanks To The G0d

L-lying 0n The Bed

E-cl0se Your Eyes

E-end 0f The Day

P-plan F0r The Next Day….


Good Night


34 Its Time 2 SleepClose Ur Eyes



Now, Birds R Silent.

Buterflies R Hanging..

Sun Is Sleeping

Moon Is Watching U, Sshhhhhhhh..

Its Time 2 Sleep,Close Ur Eyes..

Sweet Dreams..


35 The Night With Sweet Dreams



Night Is A Theater



Is A



Is The




Is The




The Hero


The Night With Sweet Dreams…:-)


36 o moon go slowly



O Moon Go Slowly ..

O Beautiful Birds Dont Make Noise ..

O My Heart Beat Silently ..

Because My Friend Is Going To Sleep ..

Gud Nite ..;-)

shut down your eyes


Shut Down Your Eyes,

Log On Some Memories,

Download Some Dreams,

Save Some Joys,

Delete All Your Sorrows..


Have A Nice Sleep…


38 im with you



I’m with you reading this ,

Looking at your eyes and your lips,

Touching your lips softly, my fingertips .

Making love to you in every kiss .

We play together all night ,

We hold each other at the morning light .

Have a sweet dreams baby …


39 dreams are like stars




Are Like STARS …

You May Never Touch

THEM … But

If You Follow THEM


To Your DESTINY … =)


Good Night


40 Sun Is Switched Off



Sun Is Switched Off!


Stars Are Switched On!


Blue Sky Goes Off




Black Sky Comes In!


So A Cool Night Is Coming!


Go To Bed! And Sleep Well.



41 horror and beautiful



Difference between horror and beautiful


A beautiful night is wen u hug ur teddy bear nd sleep..

but horror is wen it hugs u bAck 😉




42 Your life is as lonely



Your life is as lonely as you would like to make.


Your joy is as much as you decide to feel.


Your night is as long as you want to wake.


Your destination is as far as u decide 2 walk


No one sets limits 4 you,


No one catch the span of the sky

Ur sky is as much as u would want 2 reach. . .

All u need is 2 rise, so spread ur wings and decide to fly. .

May the forces of Nature be with you!


“Good Night”

God Bless u…


43 All because of you



Every night i get tired eyes


My feet don’t reach the ground


Then i’m with you


I get by ’cause i know that you’re near me


So baby close your eyes


I can sleep tonight


All because of you


Every night when the fire flies


The walls come tumblin’ down at the bajou


I get by ’cause i know that you’re near me


So baby close your eyes


I can sleep tonight


All because of you


I’ll keep singin’ my love song


In my mind i’ll sing a song for you


You can see through the music


That’s in my mind


So baby close your eyes


I can sleep tonight


All because of you


All because of you


All because of you


44 Hi Moon my friend is going to sleep



Hi Moon,


My friend is going to sleep.


Tell 2 ur’s brother sun to raise


2Morow late becoz my friend wants More relax.


45 When u want 2 enjoy



When u want 2 enjoy life


Think today as ur life’s First day


When you want to achieve something in life


Think today as your life’s Last day!

~ Go_0D NighT ~


46 SSSssshhh





Its onLy mE pUtting a blAnket oN u.

So, u woN’t fEeL coLd,

Have a loVly,



PeAceful Night.


SweEt DreAms…!


~Go_Od Night~


47 After The Whole Busy



After The Whole Busy



Someone Nice Waiting 4

Y ? U


Its Your



It’s Time T? Get Some Nice



Have A Sound



G ?? D



48 Lo Vai Sajno Tay Mitro



Lo Vai Sajno Tay Mitro,


Allah Tuanu Sakoon Di Neend Dy




Na Dy,


Pr Mainoo Zaroor Dy…


Aj Di Isi Pyari G Gal Dy Naal,


Good Nite …;->


49 I Wish Dat U Visualize



I Wish Dat U Visualize

A Sweet Multi

Sequential 4m

Of Idiosyncrasy



In D Meritorious Piece

Of Cerebral Brain

In Short

>G?_?D NighT<


50 I got so many idiotic aspects



I got so many idiotic aspects! may b am a sinner. may b i dun knw wht is mannerism. may b m self obsessed, rude, egoistic & groggy but thinkin bout my buddies i thnk my choice is best in d world!

Dedicated 2 all da people i lke in my life & never 4get.

& hope they rembr me too!!!


=][ Good Nite ][=



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