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Islamic SMS (Part-3)

(21) Once i happened to walk

Once i happened to walk on a high bridge

it was so high that i got scared

i saw an Angel on the other side. I prayed 2 Allah 4 help

but the angel didn’t com..

i somehow managed to cross the bridge

there i saw the Angel holding the end of the broken bridge.

“Somtimes we think why Allah is keeping quite?

He is not helping cross the bridge but He might be holding the broken bridge 4 u!

Have Faith in Allah !!

(22) Do u know these things about islam

Do u know?

1. Farishtoon men sab se pehle kiss ne sajda kya?

2. Hazrat aadam (A.S)jab jannat se nikale gay to kitny sal tak rote rahe?

3. Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) aur hazrat Idrees(A.S)se mulakat kab aur kahan hue?

4. Sab se aakhir mein kon sa janwar hazrat Nooh ki kashti mein suwar hua?

5. Islam ka purana naam kya hai?

1. Israfeel
2. 180 sal
3. Shb meraj 4 aasman pe
4. Gadha(donkey)
5. Deen hanif

let others know it.

(23) Sawabe jaria

A few ways 2 earn great Sawab,e jaria.

1. Give a copy of Quran to sum1, each time they read frm it, U gain.
2. Donate a wheelchair 2 a hospital, each time sick person uses it, U gain.
3. Teach sum1 to recite a Dua.
4. Share a Quranic CD.
5. Participate in building Masjid.
6.Place water cooler in a public place
7.Plant a tree, each time some1 sits in its shade, u gain
8. Share dis msg wid max ppl. If even 1 prson aplies any of the above, U gain

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