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Marriage SMS


01 New weddings Style

New weddings Style
Molvi: Do you agre To change your FaceBok status from Single To Married?

Boy: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Girl: Yes! Yes! Yes!

Molvi: Congratulation ur prfile updated sucesfuly.
You are now Husband and Wife You May now upload your wedding pictures and don’t forgeT To Tag Me!;-)

02 Is there any way for long life

Man : Is there any way for long life?
Doctor : Get married.

Man : Will it help?
Doctor : No, but the thought of long life will never come =))

03 Stages Of Marriage

Stages Of Marriage..

>First Engagement Ring..


>Second Wedding Ring..

And Then,

>Third SuffeRING…xD

04 Whats Marriage

What’s Marriage?
MARRIAGE is the 7th sense of humans that destroys all the six senses and makes the person NON Sense…xD 😛

05 A Boy Thought Of Suicide

A Boy Thought Of Suicide

He Drank Poison ,But His Father Saved Him

He Hanged, But His Mother Saved Him
He Met With An Accident , Doctor Saved Him

He Jumped Into A Well, Gardener Saved Him
At Last He Got Married,

N Now No One Could Save Him 😀 😛

06 Why do couples hold hands

Why do couples hold hands
during their wedding day?.?.?.?
It is just a formality,
like two boxers shaking hands b4
the fight begins…xP

07 Love aur arrange marrige

Love aur arrange marrige me kia farq hai?


Love marrige me ap apni girl friend se shadi krte hen..


Arange marrige me ksi or ki girlfriend se:)


He didnt lyk d curry & he didnt lyk my cake
He said my biscuits wer 2 hard
Not lyk his mother used 2 make
I didnt prepare d coffee right
He didnt like d stew
I didnt mend his socks
d way his mother used to
I pondered 4 an answer
I was lookin 4 a clue
Isnt dere anythng i cud do 2 match his mothers shoe?
Then I smiled as I saw light
1 thing I cud definitely do!
I turned around & slapped him tight
Just like his mother used 2.. =P =D

09 A Couple Before Marriage

A Couple Before Marriage
“MAD” For Each Other …

After Marriage
“MADE” For Each Other …


A Few Years Later
“MAD” Because Of Each Other…

10 MARRIAGE Is Natures Way

Is Nature’s Way
Of Preventing
From Fighting With

11 Dont Marry The Person

Don’t Marry The Person ,
You Want To Live With…

Marry The One ,
You Cannot Live Without…

Whatever You Do,

You Will Regret It Later… ;->

12 After MarriageAfter 10 years

//After Marriage//
Aeni calld three doctor becoz her little child felt headache.
//After 10 years//
Now she has 3 children.
& if someone swallow the coin then she said,?chup kr ye sika teri pocket money se katoON gi?

13 A happy man marries the girl he loves

A happy man marries the girl he loves;

a happier man loves the girl he


14 2 Keep Ur Marriage

2 Keep Ur Marriage Brimming,

Wid Love In The Wedding Cup,

Wenever U?re Wrong, Admit It;

Wenever U?re Right, Shut Up.

15 Secret of Happy Marriage

Secret of Happy Marriage – ACCEPT –
Follow these and dat home of urs will be heaven.

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