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FriendShip SMS Guid

Friendship SMS (81-100)

81 Friendship Day Emoti0nal Sentence By A Friend,, “The L0ngest Distance 0n Earth Isn’t Fr0m N0rth T0 S0uth, It’s When I Stand Infr0nt 0f Y0u & Y0u Ign0re Me..!! Happy Friendship Day ——-++++—————– 82 One very TrUe line About One very TrUe line About My Dear FrIeNdZ :- “EvErYoNe is …

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Friendship SMS (61-80)

61 You r A Part Of It For My Friends You All r My Strength, My Power, My Belief, My Imagination, My Commitment Above all, You All r The Back Bone Of My Life & I m Proud That You r A Part Of It … 🙂 ——————————- 62 Many …

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Friendship SMS (41-60)

41 Birth is first of life Birth is first of life, beauty is art of life, death is last of life, friend ship is heart of life *********************** 42 miracle called friendship Feeling f luv + Moment f caring + small sharing + 2b 2gthr in pain, Creates a miracle …

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21    Smile A Little Brighter * F.r.i.e.n.d.s * The People Who Make You ‘Laugh A Little Louder’ …’Smile A Little Brighter’ & ‘Make Your Life A Little Better…’ *.* =) **************** 22    People Who Meet You People Who Meet You In The Journey 0f Life Expect A Lot 0f Things …

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Friendship SMS (1-20)

01    Friendship is based on trust Friendship is based on trust. If we have a friend whom we don’t trust, they’re not a “friend” they’re just someone we like to be with… ************************ 02    my best friends knows me best Strangers think I’m quiet..My friends think I’m outgoing..My best friends …

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